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Snack Confession: I [heart] Lara’s Amazing Larabars

While hiking into the Rocky Mountains back in the spring of 2000 Lara Merriken had an idea. Why not put all the natural goodness of fruits and nuts into a healthy snack bar. Full of energy, gluten free and pure. Twelve years later her company based in Denver, Col. produces millions of Larabars or LÄRABARs each year, so she’s no longer able, of course, to make the bars using her Cuisinart and a rolling pin. Her Larabars, however, have not lost their homemade, juicy taste. I also like that Miss Merriken had herself been a junk food junkie before she rediscovered real foods.

But back to the bars and why I’m such a huge fan. I just love that each LÄRABAR has only a few, simple ingredients and the company is very clear what their products contain. I treat the bars like I would a candy bar, something reserved as a special, afternoon treat. They are one of my go-to snacks for long car rides or plane trips. I often have at least one stashed in my desk or purse for those times when I need something sweet and satisfying.

Some of my favorites are pictured above: the Carrot Cake is new and just like traditional carrot cake it has carrots, cinnamon, walnuts, and raisins. It also has coconut and pineapple, which gives it a bright twist.

Speaking of coconut, the Chocolate Coconut Chew, is completely unexpected. It does not have an overbearing coconut flavor, it is more subtle and has more of a brownie-like quality [I think the walnuts and almonds help with that].

*In an effort to be completely honest and in an expression of full disclosure, LÄRABAR sent me some of their new bars to try and review here on No Meat Mondays.


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  • Jenn N October 27, 2012, 4:48 PM

    Just wondering who is writing the articles now? I may have missed the introduction of the new owners!

    • The Meatless Cook October 27, 2012, 10:52 PM

      Hello Jenn, we are in the transitional phase right now and will keep you all posted. For now just imagine a sign like „under new management”. More coming soon …

  • Ali yarnell January 26, 2014, 9:37 PM

    I really like larabars and am wondering about using them as a healthy snack, even though I have heart disease and am on a low sodium food plan.


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