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Eggplant salad
While they have plenty of controversy as nightshade plants, eggplants are wonderful vegetables that can be used in various ways. They are also very nutritious. They contain fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6 among many other vitamins. What’s fun
Vegan Pizza with Portobello Mushrooms

Pizza is an easy and quick meal. It covers so many food groups all in one go. But, with greasy dough and cheese, it is not often vegan friendly. This does not have to be the case, nor does it have to be so unhealthy. Below, I will share with you
potaty leek soup
Somehow I blinked and autumn has faded and turned into winter. For me early winter is always a blur of holidays, hunting for the perfect pair of vegan snow boots to put on and not take off until April, and lots and lots of soups. My MEB
summer salad
Apologies for the camera phone picture above. My Canon is on vacation [literally] with a friend of mine camping out in the Midwest and has not come home yet. The MEB was kind enough to loan me his fancy phone this week to take photos. I am sure you
Carrot Salad with Raisins
It’s just too hot to cook. Well, okay, I guess that’s not exactly true. But it has been hot and I haven’t felt like turning on the stove or oven. The weather unfortunately doesn’t understand that I still need to eat, so I
Apple Slaw
My love of coleslaw is no secret. I have been looking around for an alternative slaw to my standard, spicy Thai Slaw I usually make and bring to social gatherings. I stumbled across a sandwich slaw recipe by Nigella Lawson and thought veganizing it
Thai Slaw with Mint Leaves and Lime
For a lot of people, Memorial Day weekend means having a cookout. The MEB and I have managed to attend two cookouts so far this weekend [!] and I’m feeling festive enough that the GFR and I are actually hosting one today at our house. We are
panzanella salad
Honestly, it’s a little early in the season for such a tomato-centric recipe, but I can’t help myself now that Passover is finished. Now that the weather has started to warm up my thoughts have turned to summer fruits and vegetables.
roasted beet salad
The only time my coworkers pay attention to what I am eating is on Fridays. Everyone in my department [except me] are currently observing Lent. This means that on Fridays, my lunch becomes a source of conversation as my typically meat-eating
Mercimek Corbasi
It was a series of world events and, more accurately, the rash decisions of my 18-year-old self that found me living in Turkey in 2006. Turkey was never the plan. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what language they spoke until I read a
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