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Changing Diets One Day at a Time: How Meatless Mondays Became a Movement

Skipping burgers for a day or How to start a global food movement

The healthy concept of Meatless Mondays is more than a revolutionary fad; instead, this is an incredibly healthy strategy to encourage global participation in positive eating habits. Meatless Mondays emerged in response to the “no meat Monday” movement that was launched in 2003 by the Monday Campaign, Inc. associated with the world-renowned Johns Hopkins education team at the School of Public Health.

The movement initially started with the dedicated work of Sid Lerner and later complemented by music celebrity Paul McCartney. Meatless Mondays has rapidly developed into a worldwide phenomenon and captured the attention of people from all walks of life around the world. The trend has become so captivating because it is a proven method of improving health, saving money, encouraging public education, heighten public awareness, and possibly reducing long-term healthcare costs.

Healthier diets results in optimal weight that is directly proportional to the control of preventable disease. Medical epidemics including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or hypertension, and tooth decay can possibly be avoided when the public is better educated and participates in healthy eating programs such as Meatless Mondays.

Meatless Mondays

Recommended by a Beatle: Famous faces of Meatless Mondays

The fame of the Meatless Monday program is awarded to Sid Lerner, a prominent marketing businessman. Mr. Lerner is proclaimed for being the founding person of the Meatless Monday campaign and was previously recognized for the Squeeze the Charmin toilet paper campaign. He realized that Americans were eating entirely too much red meat ranging in volumes as high as a 50% increase in consumption as compared to just 50 years ago.

The well-known music celebrity Paul McCartney joined in on the excitement in 2009 in the United Kingdom during an environmental campaign that was used to advertise for Goodlife Foods. Paul McCartney was one of the Beatles and is an avid vegetarian. He was so intrigued with improving lifestyles and diet choices that he proposed the Meat-free Monday concept to the European Parliament.


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