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About The Meatless Cook

Meet the NEW Meatless Cook

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Meet the Founder: Karol

My main writing is for, but most of my readers know I’m vegan and I get a lot of questions about it. Well over a year ago I thought about starting a site for vegans, but it didn’t have a hook and I left it alone. Then I came up with a different idea: a site for non-vegans.

I had the idea for NoMeatMondays because there was so much militant “this is the only way!” type propaganda being spewed from vegans. I was (and sometimes still am) one of them. But that isn’t effective in spreading a message. It’s effective in making non-vegans feel isolated, defensive, and reactive. That benefits nobody.

Anybody who is vegan (and who doesn’t eat junk food) knows how much better they feel on the diet. So although many of us are vegan for animal rights reasons I’m approaching this site mostly from a health perspective instead of an ethical perspective.

The point is: I know people won’t make drastic changes. But coming from a vegan who wants less animals to die for no reason I know one day per week (or even just one meal) is doable for anybody. You’ll help yourself by eating great foods instead of junk. You’ll help the world because vegan food creates less pollution. And you’ll help more animals live. :)

If you’d like to spread the word a Tweet or a Facebook like would be fantastic for any recipe you like.

– Karol

Meet the Cook: Robin

Last fall Karol put out an advertisement on his website looking for a vegan amateur cook to assist him with a new vegan project.

Vegan? Check. I am a lifelong vegetarian who went vegan on November 1, 2000.

Amateur? Check. For the majority of the last 5 years I have lived abroad and have been able to [creatively] maintain my vegan lifestyle while living in places such as Ankara, Amman, and Sydney.

Cook? I feed myself everyday! More than once! I currently share cooking and eating with my meat-eating boyfriend and my gluten-free roommate [who is also a food writer over at Triumph Dining].

I am in the unique position of never really having eaten meat, which lends itself well to the militant rhetoric often prescribed to vegans that Karol mentioned above. I am a vegan because I believe it is a healthy, sustainable, and conscientious way to live. It is a choice I make, with every meal, every day.

The intention behind my recipes and posts is to help, support, and encourage others to incorporate meat-free meals into their lives.

-Robin (@nomeatbird on Twitter)

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NoMeatMondays is for non-vegans and vegans alike. This isn't about propaganda, but about changing the world using very small personal changes on a mass scale. For more click here ...